Monday, February 7, 2011

a better butter?

butter, i love you.  you are such a lovely shade of the palest yellow.  you melt into happy little puddles on my toast.  you make baked goods taste like baked goods.  oh butter butter butter!

but lately i've been wondering about the butter i'm eating.  blood tests have shown that i have a very slight milk allergy (but mysteriously not to the lactose nor to the casein.....sigh....), so i've painfully eliminated all other dairy products from my diet.  no milk, no yogurt, no cheese (sob!)......but i haven't been willing or able to give up the butter.

to complicate matters, i'm also (supposedly) allergic to soy and corn, which are the primary ingredients in most margarines.  so i'm wondering, is it better to eat the butter, which usually has one or two ingredients (cream, salt) or margarine which has 12?

yes, yes, i KNOW!  the answer is to cut out both the butter and the margarine and use something else like coconut oil or petroleum......


Anonymous said...

testing, testing. will my butter comment come through? everything tastes better with butter.

laura said...

hi andrea! it worked!!!