Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i've been tinkering around with a recipe for spelt bread that uses the bread machine.  after numerous loaves of BLAH- i've finally hit upon a combination that tastes good and also has a good texture.

spelt bread (machine)

1.5 cups rice milk, warmed
3 T honey
2 T melted butter
1.5 T salt (kosher)
1 cup whole grain spelt flour
3 cups white spelt flour
1 T potato starch
1 T oat flour
2.5 tsp yeast

i add all the ingredients (in the order above) into the machine, set it to 2lb loaf, whole wheat, medium color and push the button.  apparently bread machines are not all the same- so make sure you read the instructions for your machine before starting.

p.s.  this bread makes awesome toast (unless you prefer the scratchy kind.....)


maggie said...

this sounds very delicious, and i concede that it would make much better french toast than the scratchy kind would.


laura said...

ooh- good idea- i haven't tried it "french" style yet!

maggie said...

but for everything else, like chard sandwiches, it's scratchy toast 4 evah

laura said...

cough cough....cccchhhard sandwiches??

maggie said...

i'm making them next time you come over! just think of them as panini di bietole. mmmm.

laura said...


Anonymous said...

sounds like you'll need some tomAto soup to accompany your paninis... so long as the stinkbugs don't get to them before i do, i can bring a few fine toms along for a spelty picnic!

maggie said...

allo? allo? anyone home?