Saturday, August 28, 2010

i like white bread

there. i've said it. i like white bread. okay, okay, multigrain bread is okay sometimes (i suppose), but most of the time i prefer to leave the birdseed for the birds and enjoy the simple pleasures of plain old white bread.

when i first stopped eating wheat and started eating spelt, the only sliced sandwich breads i could find were of the dense-whole-grain variety at trader joes and whole foods. these were okay but have a slightly weird flavor (nutrition?) that competes with whatever the bread is paired with.

then one day i was perusing the gluten-free freezer section at my local whole foods and saw off to the side a little white was white bread and it was spelt! whoo hoo!

i guess this is a long way of saying that the white spelt bread from the berlin natural bakery gets the hey spelty seal of approval!

hmm.....i think it is time for some toast......

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Spelt Right Baking said...

Hey Spelty,

Beth here from Spelt Right. If you send me your address via my email, I can send you some of our breads to sample.