Tuesday, October 19, 2010

spelty returns

somehow i managed to survive the last couple of weeks at work.  we were doing a big competition but now all we have to do is wait to hear the results.....

after an entire spring and summer of cooking almost everything i ate, i was feeling kind of burnt out on cooking.  but after a couple of weeks of working- i couldn't think of anything i'd rather do than putter around in the kitchen.  the grass is always greener, eh?

anyway, i don't have any new cooking adventures to share with you just yet, but i did want to tell you about these amazing spelt tortillas.

earlier this fall i made a trip out west and was so excited to find these at the market.  i had seen spelt tortillas before but they had other weird ingredients (like flax seeds.....yuck), and if you have read my previous posts you can probably guess i how feel about that.  these tortillas, on the other hand, are about as perfect as can be.  the ones i have made from scratch are pretty good, but opening a bag beats washing the food processor any day.

so imagine my despair when i returned home and couldn't find these anywhere!  you can buy them on-line but the shipping costs put them out of my reach......what was a girl to do?  the answer?  pester local grocers into carrying them!  whoo hoo!

so now, fingers crossed, i have my own local supplier (and hopefully i'm not the only one who will buy them......)

time for lunch....i think i'll have something with tortillas!!

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